Body Detoxification Therapy In Mumbai
Mr. Chiranjeev Shrivastava

With very innovative and marvelous abilities Mr. Shrivastava has helped to expand and achieve incredible success for the company. He is passionate about business, humanity and spirituality.

Mr. Shrivastava joined Ayushakti five years back as Head Marketing & Sales for Ayushakti health care Pvt Ltd and has transformed a loss making venture in to a breakeven and profits in 2 years and has been entrusted with the responsibility as Vice President of Ayushakti Group. He has developed the revolutionary detox concept in Ayushakti and transformed a small business unit with 6 clinics into a large corporate with more than 30 clinics in 1 year.

He brought a result oriented approach for doctors and has built a great customer value through detox program which has also helped the organization to transform the top line and bottom line.

His practical approach, keen business sense & vision with exponential growth in top line and bottom line qualified him achieve the coveted position of a Group CEO from 2013 and a stake holder. Mr. Shrivastava is a keen believer in Ayurveda as a natural science of health. He trusts in the famous adage, 'Health is Wealth'.

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the Ayushakti Group !

The Ayurvedic sector is one of the most dynamic in the world. Since the company's inception in 1987, Ayushakti has played a pioneering role in promoting Ayurveda across Asia, USA, Australia, New Zealand and Europe besides Indian operations. Today, the company operates in nine countries serving over one million customers, offering a wide array of modern day Ayurvedic Panchkarma treatments and medicines.

Being the first company to introduce Dynamic and Super detox in 2014 across all centres, Ayushakti was also one of the first Health and Wellness company to successfully launch Saundaryaveda (a diversification in the area of beauty & wellness) with a unique concept of tailor made beauty treatments and products.

Ayushakti is focused on the vision of creating a wonderful world, honing its strengths to provide health and wellness to the people around the world. Good Corporate Governance, Sustainability, Transparency and Thought-Leadership are at the very core of Ayushakti's corporate values and all are reflected in every aspect of the company's day-to-day operations. The company prioritizes its responsibility towards the communities it serves, supporting many youth-focused initiatives as well as launching programs that cater to education, health, environment, women, sports and other integral sectors in order to promote capacity building and positive living across its markets.

Chiranjeev Shrivastava
Founder - "Saundaryaveda"