Best Anti Aging Treatments For Face - An Ayurvedic perspective

Best Anti Aging Treatments For Face: An Ayurvedic perspective

We see a lot of ads and promotional content that advocate ‘best anti-aging treatments for face’, ‘use anti-aging creams and formulas for your skin’. The majority of these ads boasts highly visible results. Now, whether these results are the same for each person, remains to be concluded. Ayurveda has a somewhat different perspective on anti-ageing creams and this perspective is what is going to be elaborated below.

Before we delve into Ayurveda, let’s take a look at what anti-aging actually is. Anti-aging is basically all the techniques, methods and solutions that fight or simply slow down the process of aging. Aging is a process that begins as we are born and ends with our death. In the early years, aging involves regeneration which is when the weak cells in the body are replaced by new, strong cells. While during the later years, what happens is degeneration in which all the cells in our body are replaced by weaker cells that eventually leads to a lack of functioning of different organ systems.

When we talk about Ayurveda, what comes to mind are herbal supplements and pills. But medicines aren’t the only solution that Ayurveda offers. The techniques from Ayurveda range from breathing techniques to dietary changes and restrictions along with herbal pills and solutions. People in ancient times used to directly consume herbs and medicinal plants for their ailments. These days, extracts from these herbs are incorporated into pills and tablets that are easier to consume for the citizens of this modern world.

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