Autoimmune Progesterone Dermatitis

Autoimmune Progesterone Dermatitis Help

Autoimmune Progesterone Dermatitis is a disease, which is also known by its acronym APD. It comes under the category of skin diseases. It involves a skin rash that appears and doesn’t seem to go away. Even if the rash disappears, it returns eventually. The severity of the skin rash depends on the particular phase of the menstrual cycle. Yes, this disease is connected to the menstrual cycle in women.

During the second phase of the menstrual cycle, a hormone called progesterone rises and eventually comes down once menstruation is over. The progesterone causes an immune reaction in the individual’s body which eventually leads to Autoimmune Progesterone Dermatitis. This is theorized to be the cause of Autoimmune Progesterone Dermatitis.

Autoimmune Progesterone Dermatitis (APD) is a pretty rare disorder. Fertile women are more at risk in APD. Women who have an exogenous intake of progesterone and who are pregnant can also be at risk to APD.

Following are some signs and symptoms of APD:-

  • Lesions (eczametous)
  • Erythema multiforme
  • Angioedema
  • Urticaria

Different kinds of medicines are used for treating APD. Medicines help bring about anovulation, and eventually oophorectomy, especially when the symptoms are difficult to deal with.

Exogenous intake of progesterone is usually in the form of contraceptive pills that are taken orally. What this does is that it causes the body to react to the progesterone that it produces on its own. In women who get APD without the intake of oral contraceptive pills, a different kind of progesterone is produced which elicits the response against it. Progesterone might also be making the body hypersensitive to another allergen present in the body. This theory, however, is yet to be confirmed. Another theory suggests that before the occurrence of APD, the body might just be tolerating and managing the releases of progesterone, however, once the threshold limit is crossed, it might be giving into the APD phase. Symptoms include Angiedema, ulcers and other problems in the mouth, along with itching, which is experienced by all of the women suffering from APD.

Skin issues can happen on any of the following body parts:

  • Feet
  • Hands
  • Palms
  • Elbows
  • Legs
  • Upper body
  • Lips
  • Around the mouth

The treatment for APD is done by testing the skin for allergies. The testing is deemed positive if a particular wheatish patch develops on the skin in a period of 24-48 hours. Even though APD reduces on its won, it returns back every menstrual cycle. Anti-itch medicines can be used for relief. Sometimes, steroids and hormone therapy are used to suppress ovulation and the production of progesterone in the body.

If deciding to deal with alternative treatments, the focus should be on hormonal balance. The second objective would be to restore the functions of the immune system back to their potential, followed by approaching each and every fertility issue in the body.

The guidelines for the diagnosis of APD includes:

  1. Cyclic cutaneous lesions pertaining to the menstrual cycle
  2. A positive progesterone skin test or a positive oral/intramuscular challenge to progesterone
  3. Demonstration of a circulating antibody to the progesterone or basophil degranulation tests

This disease majorly occurs in adult women. Progesterone is linked to proper development during the early stages of pregnancy, along with a link to the body’s internal temperature.

Steroids (corticosteroids) are usually given in mild cases of APD. A problem is that most of the symptoms of APD are pretty generic. As a result, a lot of these cases usually go unnoticed. Therefore, very few cases are reported, with the disease already being so rare among women.

Following are some skin problems that occur during the same period of APD, but are not associated to it:

  • Psoriasis
  • Lupus erythematosus
  • Nickel allergy
  • Dermatitis (Atopic)
  • Rosacea
  • Acne/Seborrhea
  • Cold sores

The impact of APD on the succession of conception, is still debatable. As many women are able to conceive, along with APD, while others haven’t been able to produce babies. Treatment should be administered by someone who has an idea about reducing the reactions to progesterone without affecting ovulation in the individual.

In the end, APD affects the quality of a woman’s life, and should be taken care of systematically and safely.

Anti Aging Treatment Clinics

Anti Aging Treatment Clinics

Ageing is something that no one can escape from. Like time, no one can control ageing. Every organism on the planet succumbs to the process of ageing. All species have a specific average age up to which individuals live, after which, they die. The only thing that can be done is to live a healthy life that will at the most, prolong your years by some more. But most of the times, people are more worried about how they look and not about how they feel. Is there a difference? Yes, there is. Focusing only on how you look will leave you hollow from the inside. Your inner beauty and inner health, by which it means your mindset and your physical health should be taken care of first. Without this focus, any anti Aging treatment won’t give you the complete benefits.

Do Anti Aging Treatment Clinics In Mumbai and other cities focus on this aspect? The fact that beauty isn’t a direct reflection of biological age is something that people have recently started noticing. Another fact that people are discovering, is that there a number of treatments available that can help them look younger. Of course, these treatments fail at targeting inner health.

Anti-Aging Medicine In Mumbai and other cities are also available. But who looks for such medicines. It is the people who suddenly start noticing all the wrinkles and fine lines on their face. At what age do people notice these changes in their face? Well, the answer varies upon how beaut-conscious the person is. The ideal age would be 14-30. This is the age where people are more likely to freak out on finding any kind of undesirable effects on their face. They are the ones who are most likely to buy Ayurvedic medicines from the clinics.

Skin Clinics For Anti Aging Treatments offer a lot of different treatments such as: peeling, fraxel, dermal fillers, meso therapy, botox, etc. These treatments sort of revolutionized the cosmetic industry. It attracted a number of different celebrities. So the moment these celebrities started adopting these treatments, thousand followed. Today, a number skin clinics have opened up that offer the above mentioned treatments. However, immense care has to be taken while choosing the clinic for the treatment. If the person conducting the treatment isn’t experienced, it will lead to complications and eventually cause undesired changes in the face that will be a waste of money and lead to social embarrassment.

Treatment For Anti Aging is usually targeted towards: wrinkles, fine lines, saggy skin, dry skin, and dull skin. All of these issues are what makes our face look older in the mirror.

Followng is the classification of factors that lead to the above mentioned signs:

  1. Physical Factors: Expressions such as smiling, frowning, squinting, that tend to be repeated frequently throughout a person’s life. These activities leave marks on the face as the skin starts forming grooves because of constant activities in the same area.
  2. Surrounding factors: These factors are the ones where you can take proper concrete steps against The factors involves the harmful UV rays of the sun, harsh weather, pollution and its releases, etc. Sun exposure is something most people never notice. Too much exposure to the sun can cause unnoticeable damage to the skin. Anything in excess is bad, and this goes for sunlight exposure as well. Unchecked exposure will lead to a number of different skin conditions as the moisture centers if the skin gets affected during sun exposure.
  3. Bodily factors: As discussed earlier, our skin will age with respect to our biological clock. This biological clock is set by our genes and there is hardly anything that anyone can do about it. As we age, the regenerative functions of our tissues gradually slow down. All of this is controlled and set by the hormones in the body. Another factor from our biology, are free radicals. Free radicals affect the skin and makes us look older than we actually are. The best way to take care of them is to follow and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The best thing to do, to prevent the above factors from affecting your beauty, would be to opt for clinics that offer natural and non-surgical treatments.

Full Body Cleansing

Importance of Full Body Cleansing

Did you ever detox your body? Do you know what detox means or what cleansing the body refers to?

Ok, let me try out a different medium. Imagine you have not bathed for a fortnight. Being in a tropical country, you can rub the dirt outside, but what about the ones inside?

An entire body cleansing is important to remove the toxins that keeps pelting at your livers from all the sides.

A clean body will leave you of your worries from all sorts of pains or aches at bay. It will gift you with a blemish free skin and will offer you with a slim body, as you age gracefully. Such is the importance of full body cleansing.

Let’s first check on the basic differences of detox from cleansing.


Detox Vs Cleanse:

Detoxification refers to the metabolic processes by which the more toxic products in the body are changed into less toxic ones and are more readily excreted.

Cleansing actually refers to deletion or elimination of the entire accumulated toxins and other waste from the body.

So, it is after a detox process that less toxic products or the resulting metabolites are removed or cleansed. This means, they cannot be separated as two independent processes and they will happen one after the other.

Our body is well potent enough to naturally detoxify the generating toxins in our body daily into nearly harmless substances. These are excreted by the excretory organs in our body which in result detoxifies or rather cleanse us.

The question can now arise.

If it is naturally done, why on earth do we need to detoxify or cleanse it?


The need to detox:


A full body detox is needed for the recent changing trends have brought the use of chemical additives and the kinds of food we eat all day cannot be relied on. The packaged food or the food we generally buy from supermarkets or local grocery stores, in most case is equipped with such additives. Even meat can contain worms and if not cooked properly will infect your intestines.

The colon will help you get rid of some of these foods in the form of waste products, if you do not constipate. Else, that will remain in your digestive system and could cause all kinds of problems such as constipation to parasitic invasion.


Your kidneys will stay in the prime condition and will efficiently release toxins and this happens only when you clean it. Healthy kidneys will remove toxins and will be excreted, as soon as sent by the liver.


The liver functions to metabolize carbohydrates (glucose), fats (fatty acids) and proteins (amino acids). The other key essential function of your liver is to break down the daily toxins and it detoxifies the body toxins present.

The resulting products or the end metabolites are released in this way. They pass through the bile into your intestines and are excreted in the form of feces. They can even be eliminated in the form of urine.


Pollution from all sides:

The intake of oxygen is necessary and one cannot live without it, but today’s changing trends in pollution levels have risked our lives and this causes a major threat to our health. The air we breathe in contains toxins like soot, carbon monoxide, and other unhealthy chemicals. The water that reaches your kitchen taps doesn’t seem fit for your health and shouldn’t be consumed.

The food, vegetables are all cultivated via the medium of pesticides, herbicides and chemicals and are considered processed food.

Meat derived from animals have hormones injected in them that enables their rapid growth. Such drugs are composed of chemicals that actually generate more detoxification work for our livers.


Body Toxins:

These components emerges as toxins in our body and are further sent to the liver to be detoxified.

Over the passage of time, the liver is drenched out cleaning the amount of toxins in the body and slowly the process is slowed down. That is when a full body detox will help you. Your body will function better and thus the toxic elements will be eliminated through your liver, colon and kidneys.

A Better explanation:

We all have seen a kitchen waste disposal unit. A continuous inflow of starchy food and pieces of vegetables will be accumulated over the time. The unit will continue to work, but the process will be affected. During such times, either you would have to reset the button underneath the kitchen disposal or remove the waste inside. Once it is cleaned, it will start working normal. You just need to remember that all the litter is not dumped into it again.

Your liver works in similar conditions. Beverages, meat, drugs, sugar, alcohol, or even breathing in the amount of toxins has reduced its efficiency. These large number of toxins brought by the blood will not be kept up with.

Unlike the waste disposal unit, you cannot use your hands for cleaning up your liver. Detox the gallbladder or opt the liver flush process. Follow the sequence for the best results for liver flush.

At Saundaryaveda the body detox programs are there and is done the correct way. At this body cleansing center, trained hands serve you the right way as they know the importance of a full body cleansing. Book your appointment now and feel the difference yourself.

Anti Aging Treatment

Best Anti-Aging Treatment in Mumbai

Mumbai is a city which is the industrial hub of the country. It is an ever busy city and each and every second matters here. This is mainly because of the competition in Mumbai, where if you blink for a second, there is a fear that someone will take up your job. Hence, the tension levels are also high, so much so that it has started affecting the health and lifestyles of the people who stay here. It has started having an adverse effect on their health and people have started visiting the Best Anti Aging Treatment In Mumbai, since having too much tension causes early ageing.

But the problem that people don’t realize is that ageing is a natural process which you cannot stop, but you can definitely slow it down by following various lifestyle changes. It is not just medicines, but also following the right lifestyle which will help you slow down your ageing process. If you are opting for Best Anti Aging Treatments For Face which are not Ayurvedic, then it is as good as useless, since chemicals are not going to help you slow down your ageing process in any way. It might just make you look young for the time being but definitely for a long term. So it is essential you go for Ayurvedic Best Anti Aging Treatment In Bandra and Saundaryaveda is a place where you can find it.

While describing ageing, Ayurveda takes in consideration Prana, Ojas and Tejas.

Prana: It is Life energy that performs respiration, oxygenation and circulation; it governs two other subtle essence ojas and tejas

Ojas (the essence of the seven dhatus or bodily tissues) is responsible for the auto-immune system and mental intelligence, it is necessary for longevity. Displaced ojas creates the kapha-related disorders and decreased ojas creates vata-related reactions

Tejas (the essence of a very subtle fire or energy) governs metabolism through the enzyme system. Agni (central fire or energy source in the body) promotes digestion, absorption and assimilation of food. Tejas is necessary for the nourishing and transformation of each dhatu.

Lack of tejas results in over production of unhealthy tissue and obstructs the flow of pranic energy.

As we can see, Ayurvedic Best Anti Aging Treatment In Mumbai and at Saundaryaveda are much more personalized and thus, very much effective as well. If a person is treated according to his/her body, then are results are ought to be much more effective than a generalized treatment for everyone. This is one of the reasons why Saundaryaveda has gained so much recognition recently and has also newly opened up a new centre in Thane in addition to the one at Bandra close to Carter Road.

More to this, Saundaryaveda also treats various hair related problems as well which can also a part of ageing. Graying of hair, hair fall and such issues can also be associated to ageing.

So, Saundaryaveda is a perfect place to tackle your ageing problems that too in a natural way. Visit your nearest clinic today!

Inner Beauty

Importance of inner beauty

Looking beautiful is a desire of almost every individual living on this planet. Emphasis on the word ‘Looking’ in the previous statement. Looking beautiful depends on others and not on our own selves. To understand this, you will have to consider the concept of beauty. There is a famous quote which goes something like this,


‘ Beauty Lies in the eyes of the Beholder’

What this quote is trying to say is that unless you are considered beautiful by the people/society looking at you, you will not be considered beautiful. This is because society has set certain standards of beauty that are followed by most of the population.

These standards are also responsible for creating a sort of frustration/personality complex among the people that fail to meet these standards. This is why inner beauty is more important. But what is inner beauty, to be exact? A lot of people come up with excuses when they are approached with the concept of inner beauty. Either these people don’t have an idea of what inner beauty exactly is or they just don’t understand the importance of inner beauty for overall health. As a result, people often base their lives on the wrong notion of beauty.

Inner beauty can be classified into two main categories: Physical and Mental. Physical inner beauty involves the improvement of physical health from the inside. It involves improvements of the bodily systems that aren’t visible from the outside. Mental inner beauty involves the goodness and purity of the thoughts. We see others as we see ourselves. Therefore, to improve the perception of our world, we need to first take control of our own thoughts. Only then can an individual be truly beautiful. A good combination of the physical inner beauty and mental inner beauty can give better fulfillment and health.

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