Full Body Cleansing

Importance of Full Body Cleansing

Did you ever detox your body? Do you know what detox means or what cleansing the body refers to?

Ok, let me try out a different medium. Imagine you have not bathed for a fortnight. Being in a tropical country, you can rub the dirt outside, but what about the ones inside?

An entire body cleansing is important to remove the toxins that keeps pelting at your livers from all the sides.

A clean body will leave you of your worries from all sorts of pains or aches at bay. It will gift you with a blemish free skin and will offer you with a slim body, as you age gracefully. Such is the importance of full body cleansing.

Let’s first check on the basic differences of detox from cleansing.


Detox Vs Cleanse:

Detoxification refers to the metabolic processes by which the more toxic products in the body are changed into less toxic ones and are more readily excreted.

Cleansing actually refers to deletion or elimination of the entire accumulated toxins and other waste from the body.

So, it is after a detox process that less toxic products or the resulting metabolites are removed or cleansed. This means, they cannot be separated as two independent processes and they will happen one after the other.

Our body is well potent enough to naturally detoxify the generating toxins in our body daily into nearly harmless substances. These are excreted by the excretory organs in our body which in result detoxifies or rather cleanse us.

The question can now arise.

If it is naturally done, why on earth do we need to detoxify or cleanse it?


The need to detox:


A full body detox is needed for the recent changing trends have brought the use of chemical additives and the kinds of food we eat all day cannot be relied on. The packaged food or the food we generally buy from supermarkets or local grocery stores, in most case is equipped with such additives. Even meat can contain worms and if not cooked properly will infect your intestines.

The colon will help you get rid of some of these foods in the form of waste products, if you do not constipate. Else, that will remain in your digestive system and could cause all kinds of problems such as constipation to parasitic invasion.


Your kidneys will stay in the prime condition and will efficiently release toxins and this happens only when you clean it. Healthy kidneys will remove toxins and will be excreted, as soon as sent by the liver.


The liver functions to metabolize carbohydrates (glucose), fats (fatty acids) and proteins (amino acids). The other key essential function of your liver is to break down the daily toxins and it detoxifies the body toxins present.

The resulting products or the end metabolites are released in this way. They pass through the bile into your intestines and are excreted in the form of feces. They can even be eliminated in the form of urine.


Pollution from all sides:

The intake of oxygen is necessary and one cannot live without it, but today’s changing trends in pollution levels have risked our lives and this causes a major threat to our health. The air we breathe in contains toxins like soot, carbon monoxide, and other unhealthy chemicals. The water that reaches your kitchen taps doesn’t seem fit for your health and shouldn’t be consumed.

The food, vegetables are all cultivated via the medium of pesticides, herbicides and chemicals and are considered processed food.

Meat derived from animals have hormones injected in them that enables their rapid growth. Such drugs are composed of chemicals that actually generate more detoxification work for our livers.


Body Toxins:

These components emerges as toxins in our body and are further sent to the liver to be detoxified.

Over the passage of time, the liver is drenched out cleaning the amount of toxins in the body and slowly the process is slowed down. That is when a full body detox will help you. Your body will function better and thus the toxic elements will be eliminated through your liver, colon and kidneys.

A Better explanation:

We all have seen a kitchen waste disposal unit. A continuous inflow of starchy food and pieces of vegetables will be accumulated over the time. The unit will continue to work, but the process will be affected. During such times, either you would have to reset the button underneath the kitchen disposal or remove the waste inside. Once it is cleaned, it will start working normal. You just need to remember that all the litter is not dumped into it again.

Your liver works in similar conditions. Beverages, meat, drugs, sugar, alcohol, or even breathing in the amount of toxins has reduced its efficiency. These large number of toxins brought by the blood will not be kept up with.

Unlike the waste disposal unit, you cannot use your hands for cleaning up your liver. Detox the gallbladder or opt the liver flush process. Follow the sequence for the best results for liver flush.

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