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Best Anti-Aging Treatment in Mumbai

Mumbai is a city which is the industrial hub of the country. It is an ever busy city and each and every second matters here. This is mainly because of the competition in Mumbai, where if you blink for a second, there is a fear that someone will take up your job. Hence, the tension levels are also high, so much so that it has started affecting the health and lifestyles of the people who stay here. It has started having an adverse effect on their health and people have started visiting the Best Anti Aging Treatment In Mumbai, since having too much tension causes early ageing.

But the problem that people don’t realize is that ageing is a natural process which you cannot stop, but you can definitely slow it down by following various lifestyle changes. It is not just medicines, but also following the right lifestyle which will help you slow down your ageing process. If you are opting for Best Anti Aging Treatments For Face which are not Ayurvedic, then it is as good as useless, since chemicals are not going to help you slow down your ageing process in any way. It might just make you look young for the time being but definitely for a long term. So it is essential you go for Ayurvedic Best Anti Aging Treatment In Bandra and Saundaryaveda is a place where you can find it.

While describing ageing, Ayurveda takes in consideration Prana, Ojas and Tejas.

Prana: It is Life energy that performs respiration, oxygenation and circulation; it governs two other subtle essence ojas and tejas

Ojas (the essence of the seven dhatus or bodily tissues) is responsible for the auto-immune system and mental intelligence, it is necessary for longevity. Displaced ojas creates the kapha-related disorders and decreased ojas creates vata-related reactions

Tejas (the essence of a very subtle fire or energy) governs metabolism through the enzyme system. Agni (central fire or energy source in the body) promotes digestion, absorption and assimilation of food. Tejas is necessary for the nourishing and transformation of each dhatu.

Lack of tejas results in over production of unhealthy tissue and obstructs the flow of pranic energy.

As we can see, Ayurvedic Best Anti Aging Treatment In Mumbai and at Saundaryaveda are much more personalized and thus, very much effective as well. If a person is treated according to his/her body, then are results are ought to be much more effective than a generalized treatment for everyone. This is one of the reasons why Saundaryaveda has gained so much recognition recently and has also newly opened up a new centre in Thane in addition to the one at Bandra close to Carter Road.

More to this, Saundaryaveda also treats various hair related problems as well which can also a part of ageing. Graying of hair, hair fall and such issues can also be associated to ageing.

So, Saundaryaveda is a perfect place to tackle your ageing problems that too in a natural way. Visit your nearest clinic today!

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