Total Body Rebalancing Detox Retreat In Mumbai

Total Body Rebalancing Detox Retreat In Mumbai

Thousands of tourists come to India to get their detoxification done. The top 2 destinations for a detoxification/rejuvenating massage are usually Thailand and India. However, the detox methods and techniques practiced in these two destinations are miles apart. Basically, the school of thought on which the detoxification courses are built, are different. In India, the detoxification procedures are built on the Ayurveda, the ancient 5000-year-old health and medical system that originated in India. The people/tourists visiting India find it to be very different from their own experience in Thailand. Basically, the techniques and experience in India seem much more rooted in their existence.

A total body rebalancing detox retreat in Mumbai or any other destination focuses on bringing health and vitality to a tired body. Along with a battered body, the mind becomes tense and the soul gets weary. This is the state of most of the individuals on the planet. Our bodies crave a detox every year. However, we are too busy to notice the signs given out by the body. Usually, the body is very good at taking care of itself. However, the physical and psychological stress that our bodies are constantly exposed to, impair this healing ability to a great degree.


How much longer will you suffer the negative and damaging after-effects of an unhealthy lifestyle? It’s time you took care of your body, the right way. Detox programs usually are designed for a couple of days. In these days, different techniques and methods are arranged according to your body’s requirements. Every program is specific for each individual. This is because the detoxifications are built on Ayurveda, which treats diseases and conditions based on the constitution of an individual’s body. These constitutions are classified into certain types and on these types, the detoxification is based.


A total body rebalancing detox retreat in Mumbai sees a number of tourists coming to its doors, every year. Most of them couple their holiday sightseeing goals with a detoxification program. For them, a detoxification at a spa/clinic acts as a break from the techno-social lifestyle that they are used to on a regular basis. In fact, latest observations indicate that tourists are spending less time at tourist spots and more time at the detox and wellness clinics. It is safe to say that today, the whole world realizes the medical and spiritual healing that one can experience at an Ayurvedic detox clinic.

According to Ayurveda, a detoxification is perfect for someone that has a certain dosha aggravated in their body. This aggravation is because of the formation of toxins in the body. If the toxins that block bodily channels aren’t regularly removed using a detoxification, they may cause a serious disease/condition in the near future. At the beginning of a detox, the doctor will initially find out the dosha/constitution of the individual. Based on this, he doctor will be able to chart out a plan for the patient. Based on this plan, the patient will be advised food and lifestyle changes.

After consultation, a total body rebalancing detox retreat in Mumbai will carry out a full body Panchakarma. Panchakarma is the exact Ayurvedic term for detoxification. A full body detoxification includes therapeutically guided vomiting, treating the individual with laxative substances, medicines injected through the anus, medicine that is given through the nose, along with the removal of infected blood. All the above said steps are pretty intense for the body. Carrying out these steps properly balances all the three doshas in the body. A number of different conditions in the body are cured. After a detox, an individual has no digestive problems, strength, no feeling of bloating, no nausea, fewer mood swings and reduced skin issues.

During an Ayurvedic massage, authentic aromatic oils are used. Before beginning a massage, the individuals are asked to do deep breathing for a while, so as to remove stress and anxiety from their minds and body. In an Ayurvedic Abhyanga massage, herbal oils are used that decreases the fatigue and muscle tension in the tissues. This type of massage can help an individual relax and also detoxify the body at the same time. An Ayurvedic Shirodhara massage involves a flow of warm oil over the head and the forehead.

Detoxification treatments

Detoxification for internal balance

A few years back, the word ‘detox’ was used for describing the retreats that celebs, rich people, and addicts would go to remove any addictive substances from their bodies. It was for the ones whose bodies had too much of the addictive substances and which upon further abuse, would result in serious damage to the body, as well as the mind. Indeed, a detox retreat or a rehab retreat were the words that were used to describe such places. Today, however, the word ‘detox’ has taken a completely new meaning. It is because of this new meaning that a number of people are going to detox consultants in Mumbai.

Detox treatments In Mumbai have recently sprung up in a number of different places. Why? Have the number of addicts in the city suddenly shot up? No. As mentioned earlier, a new meaning has taken hold of the word ‘detox’. Also, the technical appropriateness of the name hasn’t changed. Detox is a shorter term of the complete word ‘detoxification’. Detoxification technically means the removal of toxins. Earlier, it meant the removal of the addictive and harmful substances in the body. Today, it means the removal of toxins that have accumulated in the body due to improper digestion.

Today, detoxification centers in Bandra and other suburbs can be seen advertising special detox treatments. Most of the times, the body removes toxins on its own. But because of years of toxic build-up in the body, its ability to remove the toxins keeps decreasing. The detox treatments offered at detox clinics, aim to help the body remove all the accumulated toxins. The detoxifications offered for each person are different and are dependent on the individual’s personal health history. Each individual’s body reacts differently to the detox process. Therefore, continuous monitoring of the patient’s progress is a must.

A detoxification center in Mumbai comes with a number of different options and packages. This is because every patient might have a different set of needs and requirements. Therefore, a package that suits the patient would be more beneficial to his health and his finances. The word that people are living in, today, is full of toxins. A number of toxins are taken in by the body from the breath and the food. As a result, every day, every minute, there is a continuous progression of toxic build-up. Even if an individual eats well and exercises, the accumulation of toxins will still be there.

Detoxification treatments in Mumbai are usually based on the principles of Ayurveda. According to Ayurveda, good health is the perfect natural state in which our body is supposed to be, most of the times. However, there are a number of different factors, both internal and external, that serve to sway the body away from this state of perfect health. Ayurveda offers techniques and remedies that help the person deal with these factors with natural techniques and bring their health back to the natural state. Although, avoiding these factors is nearly impossible unless one lives in a shell, understanding the body better from the Ayurvedic perspective and adopting correct lifestyle changes can be the tide-changer for good health.

But, internal balance and detoxification is a concept that is still new to people. This is despite the fact that detoxification is a concept that has been practiced since ancient times. In fact, during the early studies of diseases, the theory of disease development t was based on the imbalance of the different components in the body. Of course, in those times, the reasons for detoxifications were quite different as they weren’t as exposed to the toxins as we are today.

On a more technical level, the build-up of toxins in the body affects general health, cells, and cell organelles, and also the stability of our DNA structure. If our body didn’t keep removing these toxins continuously, many of us wouldn’t be living up to this moment. The organs of detoxification in the body are the skin, lungs, liver, kidneys, intestines, digestion tract and of course, the blood and lymph system. To take good care of the body, detoxification should hit all the above-mentioned organs so that no organ is left overburdened in carrying out the detoxification process.

Cosmetic Treatment Clinic

Best Cosmetic Treatment Clinics in Mumbai

Did you know that India is among the top 5 destinations for cosmetic surgeries in the world? It’s shocking. Although surgery was invented in India, the reasons for which it was invented, was purely medical and was focused on bringing health and functionality back to the body. The fact that today, cosmetic surgery is a popular choice, is alarming. In countries other than India, the government has introduced special taxes for cosmetic surgeries and treatment. These taxes are what makes a number of people from other countries choose India as their cosmetic treatment destination. After all, we are on the top 5 list.

The best cosmetic treatment clinic In Mumbai and other cities all get a number of patients from countries all around the world. Also, there is no dearth of customers from India as well. Not everybody is born with flawless skin. Not everybody gets the genetics that are best for their skin. A lot of people, live with skin problems all their life. Some of them take the decision of booking an appointment at a premium cosmetic skin clinic and spend loads of money on treatments. The remaining few, are fortunate enough to know about the effectiveness of natural programs and their effects on the skin.

Ask an average person about the people going for the best cosmetic treatment clinics In Mumbai, and one would usually say that all the “high-profile women” are opting for it. However, a closer look at the posh skin clinics in the city would tell us that men are also increasingly opting for the best cosmetic treatment clinics In Mumbai. It is astonishing how much time and energy men are willing to spend to look good. Although with the latest technology, cosmetic treatment sessions have started becoming shorter. But clinics can charge nearly lakhs per session.

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Ayurvedic Detoxification Diets

Ayurvedic Detoxification Diets

A detoxification is one of the most important things that an individual can give to his/her body. A detoxification usually consists of home-prepared diet and remedies. However, since today’s generation is unaware about Ayurveda’s reach, its knowledge and the impact on the human body, people generally go to Ayurvedic clinics to get their detoxification done. In the early days, people (by people, the people living in ancient India are referenced here) used to have all the essential Ayurvedic materials and products ready in their kitchen and their homes. Therefore, in case of any emergency, a home cure or a home remedy would be ready at hand.

Many detoxification programs are based on the seasons. According to Ayurveda, our bodies undergo different changes when exposed to different weather conditions. Throughout the year, our body keeps accumulating different toxins. Why? Well, day-in and day-out, the body is exposed to harmful substances in the environment and coupled with poor eating habits and unhealthy lifestyle changes, the opportunities for toxins to form are many in number. Today, a number of health practitioners who are in no way involved with Ayurveda, also recommend detoxification/internal cleanse to their patients. This shows the widespread awareness about the benefits of an Ayurveda Body Detoxification Treatment. Before undergoing a detoxification, it would be advised to stick to the regular diet schedule. Maintaining a diary/journal on what you eat would be a great idea as it would help you to compare notes before and after your detoxification. It will also help to zero in on the top three things that you eat, which might be giving your body, ill health. You could then choose to avoid these three foods completely, during the detoxification. Removing unhealthy foods from the diet is essential as replacing the bad food with the good, is the only way to give your body, a break.

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Skin Rejuvenation

Skin Rejuvenation Secrets

People cringe at the sight of signs of ageing appearing on their faces. Why? Well simply because these signs make an individual look older. And let’s face it, no individual in the world would want to get older every day. Given an option, everybody would love to remain young and youthful forever. However, as there is no secret fountain of youth that can help us our problems, we will have to succumb to the inevitable biological process of ageing. However, there are certain beauty tips, remedies, and secrets that you can use for skin rejuvenation and other aspects of beauty.

However, most of the times, just to look more beautiful, women keep applying layers and layers of cosmetic products on their face. What reasons do they come up with, to justify such applications? Fine lines and wrinkles. These reasons seem so small in front of the myriad of problems that people face in their daily lives. A lot of women go to skin rejuvenation treatments in Mumbai, just to get rid of these so-called “problems”. People don’t realize that the solutions to such simple problems aren’t written in the thousands of cosmetic products on supermarket shelves, but in the trees and the flowers right outside your home.

Skin tanning, Skin Tightening, at clinics and hospitals take place frequently. Why? Well, it’s so much easier than applying natural solutions on your skin every day. People would rather spend good amounts of money and let someone else do all the work on their skin rather than taking the pains to incorporate natural treatments into their daily regimen.

Another factor to be considered, when talking about beauty secrets, is the mental attitude with which one carries themselves. Although protecting the skin from the sun does help now and then, harbouring a good mental attitude helps relax the muscle tension in the face and brings back the glow.

Skin Treatment Solutions are essential for today’s generation. Because of all the beauty and the glamour being posted consistently on social media, people are easily attracted towards it. Therefore, good knowledge on skin rejuvenation and the subsequent steps that lead to it, should be known by every individual. Aging is an unavoidable and integral part of everyone’s life. In the end, we have a choice. Either we can complain about it, or we can accept it and adopt the natural treatments and remedies that nature has to offer.

Another aspect of beauty treatments is the price. Cosmetic treatments are fairly expensive and aren’t worth it as they never do justice to the skin care that your beautiful skin requires. So avoid all the overpriced cosmetic products and embrace the solutions that nature has to offer.


Baking Soda

Baking soda helps clear pimples and blackheads on the skin. Baking soda helps exfoliate the skin. Using baking soda on the skin can help get back the glow on the skin.


Oatmeal helps to remove the dead cells that start to accumulate on the skin. They also help to clear any signs of inflammation on the skin.

Green Tea

Green Tea is excellent for the internal body as it detoxifies it from the inside. However, did you know that green tea also has direct applications on the skin? Using green tea, lime and spices, one can make a great toner for the face.

Fruits n Honey

Fruits and honey would make an excellent choice for dessert. However, they would also make an excellent choice for your face care regime. A face mask made of tropical fruits and honey is excellent for the face. Leaving it on the face would provide excellent benefits.


Turmeric has been used in both Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Turmeric has excellent anti-ageing properties. A simple paste of turmeric and water is enough to give benefits. This is because turmeric also has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Turmeric also helps to undo damage that is done to the sin by ultra-violet rays.


Saffron has been used along with rose water, to offer multiple benefits to the skin. It is usually used with rose water in the form of a toner. Toners are excellent for the skin and should be a part of every skin-care regimen.