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Saundarya means beauty and Veda means science.

Saundaryaveda is an Ayurvedic approach to maintain the beauty (Saundarya) of the human body. It is completely natural and non surgical representing the modern approach to Ayurveda in beauty and wellness. In the modern scenario there are so many cosmetics available focussing only on the external beauty. But we at Saundaryaveda believe in internal detoxification in order to enhance the external appearance.

Ageing is a natural process which cannot be stopped, but can be slow down to a larger extent by detoxification. Saundaryaveda offers you the age old secrets of beauty care which were once followed by the ancient royal families. Beauty care recipes include various herbs. Every beauty program offered at Saundaryaveda is designed from the Vatta, Pitta & Kapha principles to bring out your external beauty to make you feel younger and rejuvenated.

Millions of cells in our body die and are renewed every day. They are in a continuous cycle of destruction, renewal and rejuvenation. Today’s fast paced life, polluted environment and regular consumption of junk foods and unhealthy foods leads to piling up of toxins in our body. These piled up toxins starts blocking the renovation and rejuvenation process of cells. When new cells are not formed, our bodily functions slows down and starts the ageing process in the form of minor loss of memory, loosening of skin, wrinkles and dark patches, hormonal changes, lethargy, tiredness and weakness after 2-3 hours of work. Which may further lead towards chronic and life style problems.

Ageing in Ayurveda and Modern:

Aging is known as "Jara" defined as something which becomes old by the act of wearing out "jiryatiiti jara" It is synonymed as “vārdhakya” which means increasing age. Ayurveda divides human life into—childhood (up to the age 16 years); youth and middle age (from 16 to 60 years (charaka) or 70 years (sushruta) and exhibits progressively the traits of growth (vivardhamana, 16–20 years of age), youth (youvana, 20–30 years), maturity (sampoornata, 30–40 years), deterioration (parihani, 40 years onwards) which gradually sets in up to 60 years); old age, wherein after 60–70 years the body elements, sense organs, strength, and so forth begin to decay. While describing aging, Ayurveda takes in consideration Prana, Ojas and Tejas.

Prana:It is Life energy that performs respiration, oxygenation and circulation; it governs two other subtle essence ojas and tejas

Ojas(the essence of the seven dhatus or bodily tissues) is responsible for the auto-immune system and mental intelligence, it is necessary for longevity.Displaced ojas createsthe kapha-relateddisorders anddecreased ojas creates vata-related reactions

OjasTejas (the essence of a very subtle fire or energy) governs metabolism through the enzyme system. Agni (central fire or energy source in the body) promotes digestion, absorption and assimilation of food. Tejas is necessary for the nourishing and transformation of each dhatu.

Lack of tejas results in over production of unhealthy tissue and obstructs the flow of pranic energy.